Status update: This project is now under construction. Planning permit obtained March 2017.

Three options were initially proposed for our client’s brief – a first floor pool and deck above a new extended open plan living area.

Each option played with a different expression of a set of key elements; pool, deck and stairs, working with binary notions of light/dark, open/enclosed.


The heritage overlay of the site and context were taken on board as a desired feature in all options proposed.

Following a feasibility study, a further option was added – a double storey rear extension with a courtyard in between. The client desired a traditional exterior form which would complement the original heritage dwelling, paired with contemporary flushed detailing for the interior. The upper floor studio and external stairs overlook the roofs of the existing Federation house and adjacent Victorian terraces. With views of the iconic red brickwork from the garden and living areas, the existing home is very much present within the new extension.

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