Architectural & Planning services

  • Site assessment & Feasibility Studies 

2-3 options are explored based on an existing site analysis with attention to specific town planning requirements, overlays and site constraints. The design opportunities are outlined in a feasibility report including an area analysis for each option. This naturally initiates the design process.

  • Concept Design and schematic design

We work with the client to develop a concept, design the internal/external flow of the building and the spatial feel, key design features, the expression of form and articulation of materials, whilst keeping the project  feasibility in mind.

  • Design development and documentation

A full set of development drawings including plans, elevations and sections are prepared for a town planning pre-app assessment by the council if required and eventual submission for town planning permit, again if required. Some projects do not require a planning permit; proceeding directly to  documentation and detailing for a building permit and tender.

Typical building procurement methods are outlined below:

  • 1-Traditional tender > tender assessment > construction by winning builder
  • 2-Construction by owner’s preferred builder
  • 3-Construction by owner builder

Architect on site

In a meeting at the start of the build or over a series of meetings during the build, we provide professional advice on the design documentation/ construction administration process. This can aid in the smooth running of the project and avoid unnecessary costs in delays and design oversights where an architect is not engaged to provide the design documentation and administration.

We do not take ownership/responsibility for design documented by others. The builder remains liable for the works.

Fees are an hourly rate. The hourly rate varies depending on the  stage of works and level of complexity.

Interior Design Services

We also provide, as part of our interior design services:

  • Fit Out Plans showing design features and joinery
  • Construction Details of joinery and built in design features
  • Colour & Materials advice & selection
  • Specification of floor/wall/ceiling finishes,  furniture and fixtures, lighting and white goods.

The above design information is provided in a design book  and materials panel. We can assist with the procurement process with suppliers and/or building trades.

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Design for Accessibility and adaptability

Good design is inclusive, considering all members of the household, their different needs and adapting for the future. We provide the following services-

  • Evaluation of existing conditions
  • Design Response to meet the needs for accessibility or aging in place. This service is catered to home owners or small business either seeking to renovate / extend their property to meet accessibility guidelines or simply to make their homes more comfortable for elderly users. It is also possible to incorporate design features which make the homes  easily adaptable to meet these needs in the future.
  • Design documentation of existing conditions and proposed alterations/ additions
  • Documents Submission for town planning / building permit if required.
Do contact us for a meeting, preferably on site, where we can discuss your ideas, expectations, share our experiences and working methods. It may be the start of a new collaboration. 
We have been in the industry for some time and we can assist with a network of consultants, builders, trades people we have worked with should you require their input.